Prices and Guarantees

Pricing in the plumbing trade can be confusing, vague and concealed in secrecy! Listed below are my hourly charges which I believe are competitive for high quality workmanship and represent good value for money. My pricing policy is simple and clear. There are no gimmicks and no hidden costs. I can provide quotations for larger scale works and hourly prices are adjusted for such works.

I do not overcharge. Prices are listed for your consideration. Please enquire if you feel your price is not listed here.

Call out fee is charged as up to one hours labour. All calls are chargeable at this minimum rate.

Hourly rate for first 2 hours £65.00
Hourly rate from hour 3 up to 5 hours £50.00
Evenings and weekends hourly rate*
Call out fee (includes up to one hour of labour time)
Day rate (6 to 9 hours) (10 hours or more reverts to £50.00 per hour or part of hour) £280.00

I work in hourly units. Prices are charged in advance of the hours work. All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate at the time of invoicing the work. The minimum charge for any work is £65.00 + Vat.

On demand natural gas or l.p.g. boiler servicing is available for £85.00 + Vat

Gas fire or other gas appliance servicing £85.00 + Vat

Magnetic filter clean during service visit  £15.00 + Vat

I also carry out landlords safety checks and issue certificates as part of gas servicing works..

For larger jobs in excess of 2 days work, please contact me for an estimate or quotation, where the work will be priced per job rather than an hourly rate. This will generally be cheaper than hourly workrates, which are aimed at small jobbing works, where travel and unforeseen work can apply.

My labour is guaranteed for a period of 1 year from the time of invoicing work. Materials supplied by S. Eblet are guaranteed according to the manufacturer, but always for a minimum of 1 year. Some manufacturers offer extended guarantees on their goods. Goods supplied by customers carry a labour guarantee of 1 year, but the guarantee of the materials is the customer's responsibility.

With 35 years of service, you can be assurred these guarantees are genuine.

*Evening rates apply to on demand call out after 6pm. Weekend rates apply to on demand call out anytime between midnight Friday to 8am Monday. These rates may not apply to scheduled or pre-arranged works carried out during weekend and evening hours.