I have worked in Filey for all of my working life. Originally from Sheffield, I moved to Filey, my mother's home town as a child and I have lived here ever since. I would like to add links on this page to people, businesses and organisations that I feel enhance the small community that I live in. I worked as a volunteer in the field of junior football for 15 years and along with Mrs Tina Gage, I raised £1million funding to build a new football on Scarborough Road for FC Filey.

FC Filey was established primarily as a junior footballing organisation in 1996. Originally known as Filey Boys Club, the club quickly changed it's name to Filey Boys and Girls FC.

The club quickly grew and a campaign was launched to raise funds for a brand new football field and club house. The new clubhouse is pictured (right).

The club is operated by volunteers and has it's own web site at

Identity is an embroidery company situated in the village of Muston, near Filey. Identity provide the workwear for Stephen Eblet and have been valued plumbing and heating customers of mine for some time also.